Validating strong passwords awk

A company that we have called to check security vulnerabilities pointed out that this is not enough because using some hacking a user can ignore the check and set a weak password.

Regex("[0-9]") ' Special is "none of the above". (i) 8 - 12 characters in length (ii) At least one uppercase (iii) At least one lowercase and (iv) At least one number Thanks lowercase, 2 numbers and 2 special characters.I had trouble wrapping my head around the requirements. You can let the user know that the password provided is missiong one of the elements (e.g.The other thing you need to be aware of is to compare the characters using vb Binary Compare.For example PW is the Input of the function and is a string UC_A1 is a long Uppercase A: UC_A1 = IIf(In Str(1, PW, " A", vb Binary Compare) = 0, 1, In Str(1, PW, " A", vb Binary Compare)) LC_A1 is a long Lowercase a: LC_A1 = IIf(In Str(1, PW, "a", vb Binary Compare) = 0, 1, In Str(1, PW, "a", vb Binary Compare)) You will need to do that for each letter and number.

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