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Fighting seems to come completely naturally to this guy and his age makes him all the more admirable. Arguably more applicable to the Silva that stomped heads for fun in the now defunct Japanese organisation Pride than the 2010 version we see in the UFC, “the axe murderer” is still a great nickname.

Instantly conjuring up suitably grotesque images in your mind, when you look at some of his fallen opponents you can see why the name stuck. Reknowned for his unfeasibly quick progression through the belts in BJJ (it allegedly took him 4 years to get a black belt which is virtually unheard of) and the first non-brazilian to win the black belt division of the World Jiu Jitsu Championships held in Rio de Janeiro.

Not something that's been taken, like ' Rampage'. Im not the strongest fighter that enters the ring, but I practice on the technical side of things, as well as I judge when and where to put a strike well. But nicknames also depend on fighting style and personalities.

However, not sure if The Raptor would work in the ring. Ask some sparring/training partners about how you fight, are you aggresive, are you an intelligent fighter?

Frank Trigg got his nickname “Twinkle Toes” because he painted his toenails.

Sure the nicknames make sense with the fighters' names, but they are still on the cheesy side.

Whenever I write my UFC preview and predictions posts, I always come across a fighter nickname that makes me cringe, but equally there are some awesome and fitting nicknames out there.

So in the absence of any amazing inspiration for this blog right now, let’s have a look at my Top Ten best nicknames. Well for me it should be something that reflects the fighters style, intimidates their opponents to some degree and instantly resonates with fans.

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