Naturo dating

Hindi ko lubos mawari kung bakit tinalikuran ko ang lalakeng tinalikuran din ng babaeng pinag-alayan ng tulang to.

Takot tayong sumubok sa kadahilanang takot tayong magkamali at masaktan tayo. Madalas nating itago ang salitang “Masakit” gamit ang salitang “Mahirap”.

Naruto gets angry and claims he will never return to the Academy again, running away from a very confused Iruka.

The two prettiest, popular people in school had to date, right? Here at N Academy that is, the most stupid name of a school because the author's brain was mush when she was thinking of names.

Naruto leaned over and started talking to Shikamaru, who would nod and snicker under his breath every once in a while, both completely ignoring the teacher talk on about math whatever, as he did problems on the overhead.

The first opening theme, "Tōmei Datta Sekai" Iruka has just become Naruto's Academy homeroom teacher.

Another teacher advises Iruka to not mistreat his students so that they will not cause trouble.

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