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featured some truly appalling behaviour from some of the town's residents – and more than a dash of violence – as Miller (Olivia Colman) and Hardy (David Tennant) found their net widening once more.

Laura Benson's recollections of her attack two years ago made for a grim and unsettling listen, with Kelly Gough delivering one of the most memorable and affecting performances of the series so far, while Jim Howick was deeply disturbing as fishy Aaron Mayford.

For anyone who didn't see it, this was the exchange: DEBATE MODERATOR CHRIS WALLACE: And, Secretary Clinton, same question, because at this point, Social Security and Medicare are going to run out, the trust funds are going to run out of money.That's because Laura wasn't married until recently and so would have had a different surname. We also know there's something on that laptop he wants deleted (with a little help from his detestable mate, Leo Humphries). The bereaved father takes the long journey north to Liverpool, tooled up and ready to exact revenge. Tamworth's dog found a sock, but the police didn't?But surely we can't be the only people to be thinking Ian's midnight visit is mightily ill-advised? Arthur Tamworth's dog seems to have found a vital piece of evidence on the grounds of his Axehampton House.The people running Clinton’s Twitter account also made sure to highlight the disparity between Trump’s statement earlier, “Nobody respects women more than me,” and his “nasty woman” utterance.Trump defenders, including conservative radio host Mark Levin, argued that both men and women can be “nasty” and that there was nothing sexist about his remark.

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