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Established in the year 681, Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries.Its rich history has left behind many historical sites, and plenty of stories and perspectives to explore.

If you want to study in Bulgaria, you’ll find an impressive range of natural environments: from warm, sandy beaches to striking mountains and ski resorts – and it’s also a relatively low-cost international study destination.The match will remain with the "pending" designation until the completed Form C has been sent by the match organizers and has been received by Head Office.When the completed Form C has been received by Head Office the match designation will change from "pending" to "Level III." Matches that have not been sanctioned by head office at least 30 days ahead of the match date will risk not receiving President Medals.There are a number of valuable resources for adding your language to Joomla! You can ask questions and get tips in the Translations Forum or the Language Forum and there are a wealth of resources in The International Zone Forum.Language: Albanian (sq-AL) Coordinator: Besiana Bici Team member: 1 Contact: besianabici (at) Download Language Pack:

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